Beard Care Product Bundles

06 Mar

The Original: Woodsy, herbaceous and slightly sweet, without overpowering your senses. Our signature blend features Virginian Cedarwood and cold-pressed Lime with a hint Organic Beard Oil of fresh Rosemary. Finished with a touch of organic Lavender essential oil, traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. You probably wont notice it, but your other half will!

If lubricant is the life of an engine, beard oil is for a good looking tamed beard. After washing the beard, it becomes very hard and from that beard fall and split may occur. Thus, the best way to overcome the problem is to choose a good beard oil. There are a number of quality and good smell beard smoother in the market. Choose one from those for you.

When recession impacted our family, I found myself cutting back on costs. In doing so, I discovered that a lot of cheap skin and hair care products out there are just that, cheap. Not to mention bogged down with toxic chemicals. I wanted high quality products that go in line with our family's needs and values without having to spend a fortune or sacrifice quality.

Organic Coconut Oil This mild oil is hypoallergenic, ultra moisturizing and works wonders on soothing symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and rosacea as it is a natural anti-inflammatory. Coconut oil locks moisture into the skin by forming a barrier Beard Grooming on its surface. This protective layer helps to retain moisture and prevent water loss via evaporation. We use coconut oil in many of our products including our artisan soaps, baby moisturizer, balms, salves, lip balms and underarm balms.

Besides how it left my skin feeling, the scents really sold me. My favorite was Detroit, a mix of tobacco, musk and motor oil: Smelled like America during the Industrial Revolution. West Indies smells of Bay Rum, smoke and dirt. That Beard Growth was my next favorite and was also super manly. Bourbon County reminded me of leather and sawdust. Denali was the most woodsy, smelling of juniper, pine, and cedar. The Kyoto was the most floral with notes of yuzu, shiso, and saffron.

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